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Please note that there will be NO tours will be operating on 

Tuesday Jan 22nd 2019

Wednesday Jan 23rd 2019 

All other tours will be operating as scheduled unless guests are notified differently. :) 

Have a beautiful day friends. 


We are excited to welcome you to the Big Easy!

As a leading provider of the entertainment industry in New Orleans we take pride in offering a variety of tours in the World Famous French Quarter!! We proudly created the most talked about tour in the city, the New Orleans Drunk History Tour!  Rated the Number 1 most entertaining tour in New Orleans! 

Learning is intoxicating!! :) 

Whether you are looking to explore the city for the first time, meet new friends, brush up on your history, experience the dark side of New Orleans and get the feel of the paranormal activity that is lurking around our city, Nawlins Theatrical Tours can help!


Our paranormal equipment adds to the entertainment... that is a fact! 

 All of our tours provide stops along the tour route to purchase to go drinks as well. These stops are provided to add to the experience of each tour. Guests are to purchase a to go drink and head on down the tour route. Guests should keep in mind that these stops are not intended to hang out in bars. 

Kids are allowed on tours.  However children are not allowed to use or examine the paranormal equipment.

Not all bars allow children inside so please do not expect any bars along the tour route to allow you to bring children inside to purchase drinks. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have. 

We offer a variety of group tour tours & private tours,Private VIP Tours are perfect for those looking for a more personal approach when exploring The Big Easy!!  

 The Drunk History Tour is our most popular tour! Rated #1 Tour in New Orleans 6 years straight!

We also offer additional tours! These tours are perfect for guests who have attended the New Orleans Drunk History Tour and would like to join us for additional tour that contains educational, intoxicating fun! 

You Should Be Here!!






(unless stated differently)

PRIVATE VIP TOURS ARE OFFERED @ 4PM (please contact us for additional info regarding private tours) 


We offer the following tours

New Orleans Drunk History Tour

 New Orleans Drunken Ghost & Vampire Tour 

The Drunken Telling Of New Orleans Tales 

The Drunken Voodoo Mystery & Paranormal Tour 

French Quarter Drunk History Tour 

The following tour is priced different 

Drunken French Quarter Darkness Tour - 1 Hour Approx 

The Darkness Tour Tickets cost $55 per person 

 Our guests quickly become friends and drinking buddies! ;)  


The Drunken Mardi Gras Experience Tour 

This tour costs $55 per person

  This tour does not have a private tour option 

This tour will operate between Jan 6th 2019 thru March 5th 2019


A note from the owner: 

Greetings Friends,

First I would like to thank you for your interest in our tours. 

 I genuinely appreciate each and every guest that attends the tour.

 I always try to do my best to ensure that everyone learns about New Orleans: a city that I am so very passionate about.

 It is important that guests are entertained and enjoy themselves while learning about the city,  past and present. 

 Guests get the special documented ghost and vampire stories they want to hear and I even spiced the tour up by adding paranormal equipment! 

Guests get a kick out of the paranormal equipment that we bring for the group to use. 

During the tour guests also learn about New Orleans History and of course every New Orleans tour must experience the Voodoo Vibe!

 I have researched & (I still read and learn about New Orleans daily) 

 I prepared myself to ensure that I would be providing guests with accurate information regarding all the history we discuss and the legends passed down for generations. 

 It did not take long for the Drunk History Tour to become very popular and for that I am very thankful and flattered.

 This business would not be successful without the amazing people that attend the tours that we are offering and I realize that.  

Every guest is important to me.

 I have met so many people from all over the world since I started giving tours and many of them have become close friends of mine. Meeting interesting people and making new friends is a great perk of this business. I feel very blessed. 

When attending the tours I do not ask much from my guests... I ask that you arrive a few minutes before the tour starts so that you are ready to head out at the scheduled time. 

We also ask for a working phone number that you will have access to  the day of the tour because updates such as delays or cancellations are sent via text. If we cannot reach our guests it can cause chaos so please make sure that if you are a guest we have a working phone number that we can reach you with via text the day / night of the tour. We battle a number of things: weather, traffic and so on. So it is important that our guests know what to expect and are reachable via text the day of the tour. Read the "Know Before You Go" and "Terms and Conditions" so you know what to expect each step of the way. 

With that being said, 

 Have an open mind & allow yourself to have fun! 

My goal is for each and every guest to leave the tour with a fun memorable experience.

Each tour is little different depending on the groups of people who attend, the personalities and the interaction that we as tour guides receive from guests can make or break a tour. The more our guests interact, show interest in the topics discussed on the tour and show enjoyment the better the tour is. So laugh! Ask questions!! Drink UP! Above all, Loosen up and have fun. All of our tour guides are very bold, we do not hold back

Of course we share our rich knowledge regarding NOLA history and legends but we also laugh, tell bad jokes, cuss and just flat out tell it like it is. The majority of our guests love it and cant get enough, then of course there is always gonna be that 1 percent that do not like the tour guides personality and that is okay. That is what makes the world go round. Regardless if you like the tour guide or not, if you allow the guide to give the tour like it is planned out you will learn everything we offer in the tour listing and you will walk away full of knowledge when it comes to; New Orleans History, Legends (Paranormal / Supernatural) Voodoo and guests will see celebrity homes and filming locations. 

If you would like to speak to me regarding questions or concerns or if I can help with a reservation please do not hesitate to contact me anytime. 

Warm Regards, 

Ashli Young 

Phone: Call or text 


Personal Email: ashliryoung@gmail.com 

For our reservation department: 


Who attends NOLA Drunken Tours?


You found us!! 

The Drunken tour company featured on the following! 

  USA Today

  Gulf Coast Travel 

 The Travel Channel 

Expedia's Travel Blogs

Our tours have been on scenes of: 


     NCIS New Orleans     

New Orleans EMS 

National Geographic's TV Show Taboo 

Ghost Adventures 

                                   Enjoy the series “The Originals”?  Our Tour Guide Ashli gave a tour to the writers of The Originals to provide them with a background on the city and the supernatural scene here in NOLA.   


Our motto - Learning is Intoxicating!!

Our tours are set up perfect for individuals setting out to explore the city and make a few new friends along the way!

How about a couple looking for the perfect date night?! -- Guess what! You are in luck because You just found the perfect activity for you and your partner! 

We have groups celebrating Birthdays, Anniversaries, & Bachelor  or Bachelorette Parties on a regular basis! This is the perfect activity for a small or large group!

Are you here for work? A convention perhaps? Have some fun, learn about our city and have a drink or two (or three we wont tell)! 

Live in New Orleans and want to go out have some FUN? We have you covered! 

If you are interested in reservations for an upcoming tour please email us or call / text us anytime! 


This is very important so that we can be sure that the tour is not over booked and that the tour is in fact operating! 
Email us at

Free Free to call or text anytime at (504)358-7012 


If we are giving tours when you call we may not be able to answer the phone at that time. Please rest assured we are not ignoring you and we want to speak with you! You can always text or email us and let us know your questions and concerns and we will respond as soon as we get a chance. Guides try to check my phone between stops on tours and at bar stops so that we can respond to messages. However responses can be delayed when we are catering to our guests on tours.

We  do our very best to respond as quickly as possible while making sure that our guests on the tours are treated 110% top notch. As you can imagine tour guides cannot answer the phone or text while giving narrations and talking to guests on the tour. But our goal is for each and every person interested in the tour and our guests on tours are treated the very best and I genuinely want each guest to walk away from the tour saying that tour was the very best part of our New Orleans trip!Everyone loves Drunken Tours @ Nawlins Theatrical Tours! We consider our guests friends not just a random stranger and we treat them as such. 


It is important for guests to arrive a few minutes before the tour starts. We start tours on time and we do not wait for late arrivals. It is unfair to ask guests who are on time to wait for guests who are late. We do have it stated in the terms and conditions that guest should arrive before the tour starts and that guests are not able to call to meet up and join the tour at a different location.  If you contact us prior to the start of the tour we may be able to make some other arrangements to help your situation. 


Departure Times -  Times are subject to change due to local traffic conditions.  If in fact we are notified of heavy traffic, accidents or road closures that are causing extreme issues and extreme long waits for guests to arrive on time we will make sure that all guests are notified of the issue via call, text or email. If a guest does not leave a contact number we have no possible way to contact them. Please leave a good number and or email address so that we can contact you if this is an issue. This does happen at times and it is important that we can reach you and update changes.  


We are a small family owned and operated business. We are proud of the fact that we manage to run this well known successful business & keep it so family oriented. Each and every family member plays their own part in our business. We have multiple certified tour guides that lead the tours that we offer. Each guide is full of New Orleans knowledge and enjoys sharing the city (past and present) with our guests.

Our most popular and well known tour guide is Ashli. We have guests (many repeat guests!) request Ashli on a daily basis. She does not give as many tours as she did back about 8 years ago when we opened, however she leads tours often and she always tries to be the guide when she is requested. She is full of knowledge regarding every aspect of  New Orleans she is also very entertaining and her personality is bubbly. 99% of our guests love her (heck even the best cant please everyone so we are rolling with 99%) She was awarded most entertaining New Orleans Tour Guide 6 years in a row and currently holds the title. There have been multiple articles written referring to her as the most informative and entertaining tour guide in the city of New Orleans as well as documentaries interviewing her about New Orleans History, Paranormal, The Supernatural World and Voodoo. There have been documentaries interviewing her regarding tourism in New Orleans as well. She has also personally been the tour guide for celebrity guests.

Enjoy the series “The Originals”? Ashli gave a tour to the writers of The Originals to provide them with a background on the city and the supernatural scene here in NOLA.  

We have another guide that provided a tour to George Lopez! 

Our tour guides are passionate about this city and we are thrilled to share it with you. Our motto - Learning is Intoxicating!! 

When Ashli, the owner of the company leads and operates the tours she will allow her two daughters (one of which is also a certified tour guide as well) to follow the group on the public sidewalk along with other bystanders and people passing by.  If the girls are in attendance they will not provide any distractions for guests. If there are any distractions it will be elsewhere and since the tours are in the French Quarter there are distractions taking place around the tour groups. Drunks, traffic, trash trucks,  who knows what you may see however we embrace it and go on!  Again, our business is a Small Family Owned and Operated Business and Family is everything to us. When is for each and every person interested in the tour and my guests on tours are treated the very best and I genuinely want each guest to walk away from the tour saying that tour was the very best part of our New Orleans trip!



When a guest purchases tickets / confirms a reservation that guest is agreeing with these terms and conditions.  

New Orleans History - Walking Tours - Sightseeing Tours - Paranormal Tour - Supernatural Tours  -  Voodoo Tours -                                                                  


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We appreciate our guests, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. 

We will happily help with the reservation process!  We accept reservation requests via email phone & text.

We are a small Family owned & operated tour company. 

All our family members are involved and attend most all tours. 

Our tour guides are licensed through New Orleans Safety & Permits. 

We are also certified New Orleans Travel Professionals through New Orleans & Company 

formerly The New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau. 


It is our goal to make sure that our tour is the highlight of your stay in New Orleans! 

New Orleans Drunk History Tours